Q: How long will these brushes last?

A: That depends on your operator, driving conditions and down pressure applied.

Q: How many wires per hole are in your gutterbrooms?

A: Our standard fill has 17 wires and there are 21 wires on the heavy duty gutterbrooms.

Q: What is the difference between your gutterbroom wire and the other guy's?

A: Depending on the supplier, our wire has a higher tensile strength and Rockwell hardness, and will regain its shape better than most non-OT wire. Our Blue Steel gutterbrooms are easy on the environment. To find out more, click here "Blue Steel".

Q: How much do your brooms weigh?

A: Unlike our competitors who put most of their broom weight in the tube or ring, ours is in the filament weight, as we supply more sweeping ends.

Q: Can we get our order shipped today?

A: We do ship most orders in one day but the larger ones, and airport orders, can take longer.

Q: What measurements do you need to get me the right broom?

A: We need to know the inner diameter, the outer diameter and the total length of the broom.

Q: Can I get a price list?

A: Due to the wide range of territory that we supply, it makes it difficult to have standardized pricing.

Q: Can I buy direct from you?

A: United Rotary Brush does have a dealer network. We would like to find out where you are located and see if we have a dealer in your area that can meet your needs. Click to Contact Us.

Q: The warranty on my street sweeper says it will be void if I buy my replacement brooms anywhere but from the OEM. Do you have any suggestions?

A: You can buy your replacement brooms from us. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, passed by Congress in 1975, addresses this type of warranty statement. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act classifies a statement such as this as a "Tie-in-Sales" provision, which generally are not allowed in warranties unless it can be proven to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) that the product, in this case, the street sweeper, will not operate properly without a specified item or service.

Q: Are United Rotary Brush Brooms AQMD compliant?

A: Yes. The Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is a smog control agency that monitors the entire State of California.

The AQMD has addressed the procurement of wear items (i.e. brooms and brushes) as it applies to AQMD Rule 1186 - Certified Street Sweepers.

AQMD Rule 1186 paragraph (d)(3) states "any government agency, and its contractors, subject to the requirements of the rule shall operate and maintain the certified street sweeping equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Wear items, such as replacement brooms and brushes, must meet the street sweeper manufacturer's specifications for the specific piece of equipment in accordance with AQMD Rule 1186. Purchasing agents can request the wear item specifications from the street sweeper manufacturer and include these specifications in request for bids. Purchasing agents may then procure wear items from any manufacturer provided they meet the specifications provided by the street sweeper manufacturer."