SmartSweep Recyclable Road Brooms

Clean and Green: 100% Recyclable road brooms from United Rotary Brush


United Rotary Brush is a visionary company. We understand that our future generations depend on the commitment of companies today. We feel a responsibility to make a difference and are focusing on doing our part to protect our environment. Our goal is to change how the industry thinks of disposing used brooms.

With our SmartSweep™ line of recyclable road brooms, our innovative manufacturing processes enable the entire broom to be easily recycled, instead of taking up space in a landfill.


RecyclableUnitedPro™ Strip Brooms

UnitedPro™ Strip BroomsUnitedPro™ Strip Broom strips allow you to change your main broom without removing the core. The 100% poly plastic back strips are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
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