COVID-19, United Rotary Brush Corp remains open as an essential business

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Date: March 13, 2020


Subject: COVID-19

URB is proud of making our products in North America and has always maintained an extensive inventory of both finished goods and raw materials; we have 100’s of different products in stock.

As of this writing, we are not experiencing any supply, manufacturing or labor constraints that are affecting the production of your products or shipment of your orders; the Company is operating normally and at full capacity.

Please be assured that United Rotary Brush is concerned about its employees and is taking every precaution to safeguard them during this time from a possible outbreak and spread of infection. We have also placed restrictions on employee travel in an effort to combat potential exposure and spread for customers and employees alike.

The Company is also concerned about the integrity of its products and is working closely with its internal management and production staff to prevent any possible contamination of finished goods shipped to our valuable customers.

The vast majority of our raw materials are sourced domestically and currently are in good supply. URB will make periodic updates to our website as the coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives.

Please check at, or call our customer service department at 800-851-5108, if you have additional questions.

Stay healthy and be well.

Asaf Salama President

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United Rotary Brush Corporation ( is headquartered in Lenexa, KS. With seven locations throughout the United States and Canada, United Rotary Brush is North America’s largest rotary broom manufacturer used for the street sweeping, road maintenance, facilities management, and airport runway maintenance. In addition to the sweeping after-market, the Company is a leader in the custom engineered brushes used in the metals processing, automotive, food, plastic, cement, and solid waste management industries.