Rotary Products

Public Safety is Paramount

Municipalities, public agencies and many private contractors are entrusted with doing everything they can to preserve public safety on the road and on the runway. That means, every day, roads have to be kept clean and safe for motorists, and runways must be clear of any snow and debris that could jeopardize landings and take-offs. United Rotary Brush understands the magnitude of this responsibility. We design the best, highly durable street sweeper brooms and runway sweeper products to clean thoroughly and efficiently, so you can rely on them day in and day out. From street sweeper brushes, tube brooms, strip brooms, gutter brooms, wafers and cassettes. You can place your trust in our brooms.

Street Sweeping

United Rotary Brush street sweeper brushes help you meet the responsibility of ensuring citizens and customers have clean roadways. You can rely on our quality-built tube brooms, strip brooms, gutter brooms and poly and/or wire wafers to perform every day.

Road Building & Attachments

Whether you are in road construction, the landscaping business or responsible for the upkeep of your city or county’s parks and recreation system, and whether the application calls for sweeping debris to light snow removal, United Rotary Brush manufactures replacement brooms to fit most machines.

Runway Sweeping

The two most stressful times of a flight can be the take-off and landing. United Rotary Brush airport runway sweeper brushes help you remove one element of stress from both actions: debris, snow, ice and rubber from the runway.