Rotary Broom Replacement Brushes

Blue Steel Gutter Brooms

Get tough on troublesome debris with Blue Steel Gutter Brooms.

  • Proven, powerful performance
  • Superior Quality at superior price
  • Easy on the environment
  • Compatible with the most popular street sweepers and vacuum sweepers
  • Available in gutter broom block segments or sets
Replacement Gutter Broom

UnitedPro™ Strip Brooms

UnitedPro™ Strip Brooms are fully recyclable brooms available exclusively from United Rotary Brush.

  • Mandrel designed to sweep debris to the center of sweeping path for impressive results
  • 100% poly plastic back strips
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Replacement Strip Broom

Tube Brooms

The all-time sweeping classic for street sweeping brush applications. Compare our filament weight with the cheaper brooms, and you’ll see why United Rotary Brush Tube Brooms are the right choice.

  • Compatible with the most popular street sweepers on the road today
  • Better flick action for thorough debris collection
  • Made with United Rotary Brush’s own virgin polypropylene filament
  • More sweeping ends per square inch of broom face
  • Tight and consistent broom wraps for impressive sweeping results
Replacement Tube Broom